Letter: Benton commissioners deserve kudos for naming Sharon Brown to state Senate

February 15, 2013 

I want to commend the Benton County Commissioners on their recent choice of Sharon Brown to fulfill the remainder of Jerome Delvin's term in the state Senate.

I'm a staunch Republican, however, I'm glad they looked past the quid pro quo of just seating the senior legislator from the district. Just because someone has served longer does not mean that person is the most qualified nor the best candidate for the job.

Brown has proved herself to be a strong advocate of the Tri-Cities and is experienced working with state legislators through her city council position. She's a solid Republican who understands how to get things done. You can be sure she will be writing bills, not simply signing on to others' bills.

She will always lead with Tri-City business owners and citizens in mind. She's a problem solver and isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and take on an issue. Thank goodness the commissioners didn't succumb to the pressures of the local party and simply pick the party "chosen one" and had the foresight to select the best candidate to represent us in Olympia.

Thank you to Shon Small, Jim Beaver and Jerome Delvin for making the right choice.


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