Letter: Republican Party lies and cheats like Lance Armstrong

February 15, 2013 

It's really interesting to watch the Lance Armstrong School of Politics as played out by the Republican Party: cheat to get what you want, lie loudly about the cheating and bully anyone who objects.

Republicans have already been bragging about successfully gerrymandering Congressional districts nationwide to assure themselves a majority of House seats, even though the popular vote supports Democratic Party policies. Texas is the yellow jersey winner in this category.

Republicans have also been making noises lately about changing the Electoral College in order to nullify the vote of blue states so that they can control presidential elections contrary to the popular vote. Man, it requires real brass to cheat on a constitutional scale like that!

The latest example was in Virginia where, in the dead of night and taking advantage of the absence of one Democratic senator who was attending President Obama's inauguration, the Legislature voted to change state Senate districts.

What will they do in Washington state? Oh, yes. I forgot. They offered power and leadership roles to two vainglorious conservative Democrats to switch sides in the state Senate. And introduced legislation to change that Electoral College thing here too.


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