Thankful Thursday: Jefferson elementary staff dedicated to helping Richland's children

February 14, 2013 

I've heard enough talk about what is wrong in our nation, state and community. It's refreshing to learn of people who are doing things right.

In the 18 months that my children have attended Jefferson Elementary School in Richland, I have observed a staff dedicated to the students and going above what is required to make a difference.

It's the custodian who cleans the cafeteria with a smile and waits patiently while the last few stragglers finish up their lunches, a counselor who works with passion to support the development of educated kids who become great human beings, administrative staff members who address needs with a smile and prompt professionalism and teachers who turn barriers into bridges, dealing with unique needs with grace.

Out-of-class time is used for putting together individualized homework, gathering coats for those without and participating in supplemental events that nurture the student body.

It's refreshing to associate with dedicated staff members who perform their duties with pride and strive to do the right thing without expectation of recognition.


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