Thankful Thursday: Bus mechanic's timing perfect for Burbank girls basketball team

February 14, 2013 

A stranger recently boarded a bus in Alabama, killed the driver and took a child hostage. About the same time, a different kind of man knocked on the Burbank Middle School girls basketball team's bus, which had broken down on the freeway two miles outside of Connell.

The night was windy and cold, and we were in for a long wait on a school night for the rescue bus from Burbank. Toby Cockran was headed home going the other way on the freeway when he saw us and turned around. He stopped and asked if he could look at our engine. As it turned out, he was an experienced bus mechanic for the North Franklin School District and quickly determined it was a blown heater hose.

We couldn't help but notice the man was wearing no jacket or coat but was wearing a smile and happy disposition all the while he worked on our bus.

Within 40 minutes, Toby had us on our way. It was inspiring to see someone go so far out of his way to help, to have the know-how to fix the problem and to do it all with such a positive attitude.

Thanks from all of us, Toby. You are a shining example of what's right in the world.


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