Thankful Thursday: Rescued pet welcome addition to Richland family

February 14, 2013 

I am thankful to the people who left a German shepherd/golden retriever mix dog named Sadie at the Benton-Franklin Humane Society in Kennnewick.

After eight months of grief from losing my golden retriever named Jinx, I finally felt like I could love again. I saw Sadie, ( now Grady ) and we seemed to have a connection. I adopted her and brought her home to meet her new brother, Blue, a Maine coon/Persian cat rescue, and see if she would be happy with us.

Grady was afraid, and I think a little depressed because she'd been with her prior owners/parents for 4 years. We were patient, and within a day she started to respond to us, her new name and her brother. It has been less than a week and Grady's personality has blossomed!

She talks to us, cries in welcome when we come home even if it has only been 20 minutes. She's learned to play frisbee and loves running at the park. We are very grateful that the prior owners gave us the opportunity to adopt her and give her, and us, this new life. Additional thanks to the Humane Society for their great work with animals in our community!

DEBI LEE, Richland

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