Wrestling: Mat Class XXV big school scouting report

February 13, 2013 

Mat Classic XXV area scouting report

At Tacoma Dome

Friday, Saturday

Class 4A

106—Bobby Guzman, so., Pasco (alternate). Of note: Bracket figures to be dominated by a pair of senior placers: Graham-Kapowsin’s Spencer Schroeder (2nd ’11) and Eastmont’s Fabian Wickham (3rd in Class 3A in ’11 and ’10). 113—Chris Montelongo, sr., Chiawana (4 seed) (previous state: 7th 106, 6th 103) (ranked No. 8). Of note: Two returning state champs in the bracket. Montelongo likely would meet one of them, Yelm’s Darren Harris, in quarters. Montelongo is the only two-time placer in the field.

120—Timmy Martinez, so., Pasco (1) (No. 2) (7th 120); Pedro Murillo, sr., Chiawana (alt). Of note: Martinez is 38-0 and on a tear. He faces possible tough quarterfinal against two-time placer Luis Reyna of Mt. Vernon. Top-ranked Ramor Ortiz of Evergreen could be semi foe, and runner-up Tim Whitehead is in the other semifinal.

126—Brandon Gonzalez, sr., Pasco (2) (dnp 125 ’11 for Chiawana) (No. 4). Of note: After missing out on a return to state as a junior, Gonzalez is a good bet to place high this time. Quarterfinal matchup could be third-placer Gino Obregon of Cascade (Everett), and possible regional rematch with Moses Lake’s Brad Fox in semis. Regional champ Blake Beard of Central Valley is the clear favorite on the other side.

132—Noah Workman, sr., Richland (4). Of note: As four seeds go, Workman could have done a lot worse with his draw than Camas’ Austin Miller, also a state rookie. Win or lose, Workman faces a state vet in his next match but still has a good road to place.

138—Pryce Seely, jr., Richland (1) (No. 7); Jadin Salazar, jr., Chiawana (2). Of note: Seely and Salazar have wrestled for the district and regional titles the last two weeks. Seely has a solid opener against two-time state vet Conner Gonzales of Arlington. A win there should open the door to the semifinals and Lake Steven’s Jesse Peterson, a runner-up in ’10. Salazar has a tougher road, starting with his first match against Snohomish Greg Eagle, from the same region as Peterson and Yelm’s Dillon Harris (two-time runner-up).

145—Clayton Smith, sr., Chiawana (1) (dnp 138) (No. 3). Of note: Big win over Mead placer David Munding last week has Smith with a good road to the semis and a state medal. Inglemoor’s Gabe Seward (8th ’12) is a potential quarterfinal, with Lake Stevens state champ and three-time placer Eric Soler likely waiting in the semis.

152—Jackson Fromm, sr., Pasco (2) (No. 8); Boss Garcia, sr., Chiawana (3) (dnp 145) (No. 7). Of note: Fromm and Garcia are in the same semifinal, though Garcia would have to knock off two-time placer Trevor Anderson of Bethel in the quarters for the two to meet. Fromm has a good draw to the semis.

160—Blake Bishop, jr., Chiawana (alt). Of note: If Bishop gets in, he faces a bracket with three returning placers and six state vets. The favorite is Mead’s Tyler McLean.

170—Cameron Simpson, sr., Richland (4); Zane Henderson, sr., Walla Walla (alt). Of note: Simpson opens with talented sophomore Cody Vigoren of Lake Stevens and shares the quarterfinal bracket with a two-time placer as well. Still, he has a good chance to place with a potential key matchup against Eastmont’s Darin Hardgrove, who took a 6-4 decision off Simpson at regionals.

182—Austen Silvers, sr., Chiawana (2) (7th 170) (No. 3). Of note: Silvers is one of the favorites to reach the semifinals, even with a pair of state vets in his quarterfinal bracket. The semis likely would bring Woodinville’s Ryan Christensen, a runner-up last year, and the finals a regional rematch with Central Valley two-time placer Tanner Davis.

195—Jordan Vaughn, sr., Chiawana (4). Of note: Vaughn has one of the toughest draws around, with the top-ranked Matt Hopkins of Tahoma in his opener, and state-veteran land mines along nearly all his possible roads.

220—Logan Reardon, sr., Walla Walla (3) (No. 5); Abzael Loeza, jr,. Chiawana (4) (No. 7). Of note: For Reardon, being a third seed is better than a two. While his quarterfinal bracket is free of veterans and ranked guys, regional No. 2 Mason Ju of Mead likely will face top-ranked Matt Voss of Puyallup in the quarters. Voss and Reardon in the semis is a good bet. ... Loeza has a tough opener against state vet Shaq Reed of Lake Stevens. Win, and it’s a clear path to placing; lose, and Ju or Voss likely will come up in the winner-place, loser-out match.

285—Martin Villanueva, sr., Chiawana (2); Levi McBride, fr., Chiawana (alt). Of note: Villanueva has tough potential quarterfinal against runner-up Brandon Johnson of Lake Stevens and also shares the semifinal bracket with second-ranked Ed Torres of Tahoma.

Class 3A

106—Homer Romero, jr., Sunnyside (2 seed) (ranked No. 2); Jesse Torres, so., Sunnyside (3) (No. 4). Of note: The Sunnyside teammates are a good bet to face each other in the semifinal. The winner likely will face Region 4 champ Kwest Osborn of University.

113—Jesse Barajas, jr., Sunnyside (1) (previous state: 2nd 106, 4th 103) (No. 1); Cesar Castillo, sr., Kamiakin (2) (No. 2); Alex Ramos, so., Kennewick (4); Jacob Mendoza, fr., Sunnyside (alternate). Of note: Castillo has a good road to the semifinals and could well get a regional rematch with Barajas in the finals (Barajas won 7-0 last weekend). ... Ramos faces tough freshman Leviticus Arizpe of Decatur in his opener.

120—Santos Guerrero, sr., Sunnyside (3) (6th 113, dnp 112); Trenton Nett, so., Southridge (alt.). Of note: Guerrero, despite being a 3 seed, will be tough to be in his quarterfinal and could face third-placer Matt Iwicki of Eastside Catholic in the semis.

126—Michael Hosfield, sr., Kennewick (3); Anthony Chavez, so., Sunnyside (4); Ben Hoffner, sr., Hanford (alt). Of note: Hosfield opens with three-time placer Tyke Reid of Enumclaw and also shares the quarterfinal bracket with two-time champ Josh Newberg of Kelso. Still, he has a good shot to place. ... Chavez also has a tough opener against two-time runner-up Colton Tracy of Bonney Lake. Tough weight.

132—Harley Kolp, sr., Kamiakin (2) (8th 132, 7th 119). Of note: The door is open for Kolp to get his highest placing yet, but a big matchup likely awaits in quarterfinals against third-placer Cody Fakkema of Oak Harbor. ... Six state veterans are in the bracket.

138—Christian Ruiz, sr., Sunnyside (4). Of note: Ruiz can do himself a big favor and knock off No. 1 seed Kenji Yamashita of Mountainview in his opener. Otherwise, the land mines get bigger.

145—Noe Palomino, jr., Sunnyside (4). Of note: He’s a deceptive four seed coming out of a tough region, but Palomino has a tough draw starting with three-time placer and returning champ Jessie Lopez of Everett. Consolation could bring a loser-out matchup with regional runner-up Dylan Schmidt of Shadle Park (won 7-4 over Palomino).

152—Michael Etherton, sr., Kennewick (4); Sam Romero, sr., Sunnyside. Of note: Etherton opens with fifth-placer Zach Schut of Stanwood and shares the quarterfinal bracket with third-placer Justin Mitchell of Enumclaw.

170—Sisto Santana Pina, sr., Kamiakin (2) (1st 170, 3rd 160, dnp 160) (No. 3); Max Ramos, sr., Sunnyside (3) (No. 7). Of note: Pina shares his quarter bracket with two state vets. But the real challenge likely will start in the semis, first with top-ranked Nick Karis of Decatur (runner-up last year) and then University’s Austin Stannard, who has back-to-back wins over Pina in the postseason. ... Ramos shares Pina’s semifinal bracket and could meet Karis in quarters.

182—Bryce Overholt, jr., Southridge (2) (No. 4); Will Bishop, jr., Hanford (3) (dnp 195) (No. 5); Daniel Avalos, jr., Sunnyside (4) (No. 6). Of note: A lot of local action here, with Overholt and Bishop in the same semifinal. Bishop, however, likely will have to get by Bonney Lake’s Chili Sabin (3rd ’12) in the quarters. ... Avalos faces a beatable No. 1 seed and could reach semifinals to face Glacier Peak state champ Sean Elledge. Placing 1-4 from Region 4 not out of the question.

195—Kevin Del-Angel, sr., Southridge (2) (6th 170, dnp 160) (No. 4). Of note: Del-Angel opens with a state vet but looks strong into the semis, where runner-up Jake Ferris of Wilson likely will be waiting. University’s Tanner Orndorff, the only wrestler to beat Del-Angel this year, is in the other semifinal along with runner-up Rowland Gadosh of Decatur.

220—Austin Carman, jr., Sunnyside (3) (dnp 220) (No. 7); Dallon Grinder, jr., Hanford (4) (dnp 220 1A for Kiona-Benton). Of note: Grinder opens with another state veteran, Kam Williams of Ferndale. Carman shares his semifinal bracket with the weight’s only returning placer, Stone Hart of Timberline (state champ).


100—Marizza Birrueta, so., Grandview (1 seed) ( previous state: 6th 100) (ranked No. 1); Deianeira Caudle, jr., Warden (2) (3rd 100, 8th 103) (No. 3); Brittnee Cook, so., Kiona-Benton (alternate) (4th 100). Of note: Caudle shares quarterfinal with runner-up and two-time placer Isabella Silva-Pires of Centralia. ... Birrueta likely will face eighth-placer in semis.

106—Tamika Pierce, so., Richland (2); Melisa Vasquez, sr., Warden (3) (dnp 112); Kayla Gonzalez, jr., Sunnyside (alt). Of note: Two-time champ and three-time finalist Rachel Archer of Winlock is in opposite semifinal from both local wrestlers.

112—Viannei Perez, fr., Grandview (1) (No. 2); Mary Ellen Gutierrez, sr., Mabton (2) (4th 112, dnp 112, dnp 112) (No. 3); Julissa Valenciano, sr., Othello (3) (dnp 112). Of note: Gutierrez shares semifinal with runner-up Arian Carpio of Todd Beamer.

118—Brenda De Leon, sr., Warden (2) (5th 118); Daisy Chavez, fr., Sunnyside (3); Jessica Rolland, jr., Kiona-Benton (alt). Of note: De Leon could see fourth-placer McKenna Emmert of Kelso in quarters, and three-time placer Bianca Arizpe of Federal Way is in the opposite semifinal from both locals.

124—Tatum Sparks, so., Othello (1) (3rd 124) (No. 1); Desiree Zavala, fr., Grandview (2) (No. 2); Jazmin Mendoza, sr., Mabton (3) (8th 125 ’11). Of note: Zavala will be tested in quarters by champ and three-time placer Cassidy Meyers of Kentwood. ... Sparks has a clear path to finals.

130—Miexy Gonzales, sr., Warden (1) (5th 124, 8th 130) (No. 4); Abigail Elizondo, sr., Sunnyside (2) (4th 130, dnp 140); Sydney Virgen, jr., Pasco (3). Of note: Virgen opens with state vet and shares quarter bracket with top-ranked placer Amberlee Brasch of South Kitsap. ... Gonzales has two other placers in her semifinal.

137—Allesha Reyes, sr., Othello (1) (2nd 137, dnp 140) (No. 2); Alexys Jolley, sr., Warden (2) (dnp 155) (No. 4); Katelyn Jensen, sr., Pasco (alt.). Of note: Reyes could face three-time vet Allyson Lawton of Lakewood in quarters. ... Jolley shares her quarter bracket with two-time third placer Colleen Reynolds of Kelso.

145—Bianca Hernandez, sr., Warden (1) (4th 125 ’11) (No. 2); Ashley Martinez, so., Warden (alt.) (dnp 137). Of note: Hernandez could reach finals and face third-placer Vanessa Dixon of Todd Beamer.

155—Tania Martinez, sr., Pasco (1); Aneissa Gonzales, so., Warden (3) (dnp 145); Amanda Kinder, jr., Othello (alt). Of note: Martinez could meet two-time placer Dylan Fagan of White River in quarterfinals.

170—Jessica Cardenas, so., Sunnyside (1) (dnp 170); Felisha Orozco, so., Connell (alt) (2nd 170). Of note: Cardenas opens with Washington’s Jasmine Jones, who placed fourth in ’11.

190—Domineke Seal, sr., Warden (3); Victoria Gaytan, fr., Wahluke (alt). Of note: Seal opens against runner-up and three-time placer Mixtly Simon of Battle Ground.

235—Andrea Contreras, so., Warden (1) (dnp 265) (No. 4); Maribel Rodriguez, sr., Othello (2); Jen Aznaran, jr., Wahluke (alt) (dnp 265). Of note: Contreras likely will face placers in quarters and semis.

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