Letter: Geese and other waterfowl render public spaces unusable

February 13, 2013 

What have we done to the waterfowl in the Mid-Columbia? Geese used to fly south for the winter and we had a managed, healthy migrating population. We've turned these beautiful wild creatures into fat, sedentary park pets.

I have been here for years and never seen the ducks and geese so overpopulated. They are everywhere right now along the Columbia. If that filthy Columbia Park pond isn't bad enough, you should get a look at the Columbia Point Marina. It is absolutely disgusting. The geese, ducks and sea gulls have taken over the docks and it is covered in bird poop. The gulls appear to have nested on one entire dock.

Islands on the river used to be the natural habitat and now the birds have overtaken the manmade structures and parks. I don't see these docks getting clean and usable on their own. Cleanup would require extensive and likely expensive power washing it seems to me. This can't be healthy. This situation is out of control.

PHIL JONES, Richland

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