Letter: Fed up with teachers getting bonuses for improved test scores

February 13, 2013 

So, when is it my turn for an entitlement compensation? Oregon has seven school districts that paid out about $3 million in bonuses to teachers and principals who have improved student test scores.

This is federally funded money, our money, that the Obama administration saw fit to take from whatever program, and hand out to school employees whose students showed high achievement gains.

Well, my concept of the educational field is that teachers are expected to teach our children to the highest of their ability, so why in heaven's name do they need an extra incentive to do so?

I am fed up with the federal government and its entitlement programs. These school districts "on the take" should be ashamed of themselves, I'm sure they are laughing all the way to the bank.

BEV WARDLOW, Kennewick

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