Fast Focus ' What should we do about global warming?' Climates change

February 10, 2013 

Has anyone noticed it isn't global warming anymore? It's now climate change. And we all know the climate changes don't we! Ever wonder why they suddenly changed the term?

According to Christopher Monckton of Benchley, who is described as the high priest of climate skepticism, there hasn't been any global warming for at least 16 years. Could that be the reason for the name change to climate change? Climate-extremist scientists have often tampered with the data.

Follow the money!

According to an article from "Earth Changes Media" newsletter published by Mitch Battros, some climate scientists have now shifted their understanding of what is behind "warming and cooling trends" of the earth's climate. They now realize the sun is a major influence in climate and weather patterns.

Many scientists have now proposed that fluctuations in solar activity have an influence on Earth in ways they were previously unaware of. Well hallelujah! If they had read a Bible they would have known this a lot sooner and spent a lot less money.

Several organizations such as NASA, NOAA, NSF, NRC, EESA, and SCRIPPS Institution of Oceanography don't agree with much of the data put forth by the climate extremists. If we can halt the politics, stop the news media propaganda and scientific data manipulation, then we might arrive at the truth.

I do believe in global warming but the amount man may cause is just a single drop in a huge bucket. And when the earth really warms due to circumstances beyond man's control, he won't be able to stop it. Read Isaiah 30:26.

John Faulkner, Richland

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