Letter: Plenty of legal alternatives exist for Kennewick litterbugs

February 10, 2013 

My family is one of the many that has spent its time trying to clean up the illegal dump sites south of Kennewick. We cannot fathom why people do this.

If you live in Kennewick, you can get a dump coupon from Waste Management for the dumping of 12 loads of garbage for free. A lot of the trash we picked up Saturday was recyclable, which Kennewick residents get picked up curbside for no additional charge. Or you can easily haul them to one of the large recycle containers behind some of the Kennewick stores -- also free.

There is also a spring collection in West Richland to dispose of your tires. Also free.

After spending a recent Saturday picking up trash, Our count was 55 tires and a large pickup load, then we get an email showing how someone had gone out overnight and dumped more junk!

Please people, stop trashing our area. There are legal options to get rid of your garbage instead of illegally dumping it.


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