Fast Focus 'What should we do about global warming?' Double standards

February 10, 2013 

Want to be serious about global warming; stop considering the local impact of coal trains and look at the global impact. I am amazed that we are even considering selling China coal. We need to stop thinking about how much money there is to be made and realize that the air above China soon becomes the air over the United States. We as a nation need to stop fueling the Chinese economy by offering them cheap carbon-based fuel. The conditions for sale of coal to China must be their compliance with air-quality standards that American companies must meet to burn coal.

We, as a nation, need to start a comprehensive energy plan that moves away from carbon-based fuels to produce electricity and move toward small nuclear reactors. The Tri-Cities has the technology to vitrify the spent fuel in answer to the giant money pit in Nevada.

-- MYRA OAKES, Richland

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