Fast Focus 'What should we do about global warming?' Common sense

February 10, 2013 

I am not a denier but I am a skeptic -- a seeker of the truth which seems to be in short supply in the climate change, now global warming controversy. I'm not smart enough to follow all the esoteric theories and statistical data, much less deciding which side is correct. I can only ask questions and hope that someone can provide credible answers.

We spend billions of dollars trying to reduce CO2, which is a minor atmospheric gas necessary for life. To what level should it be reduced to?

We all know that weather is cyclic, so how can the climatologists predict what will happen decades in the future knowing that the concentration of man-made CO2 is only one component?

The Earth has had five major ice ages. What caused the Earth to warm after each ice age? Water vapor is a much larger driver of the weather so why are we concentrating on CO2? Maybe it's because we can tax carbon and not water vapor.

The infamous hockey stick graph was proposed in 1999 when it was reported that the atmospheric CO2 was 390 ppm. What is the CO2 concentration now?

Unless the ecocondriacs can answer these questions -- and many more -- I suggest we do nothing.


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