Fast Focus 'What should we do about global warming?' Find answers, not blame

February 10, 2013 

We the public, must talk about it. We must "get interested!" This is also not a political issue, but a scientific one. It doesn't matter who or what is at fault, as much as how severe the problem is, and what can be done to remedy, or mitigate it. For someone with lung cancer, knowing the solution is far more important than the cause. Like global warming, we can never "know for sure" what caused it, but doctors (like scientists) have data, and knowledge we don't. Even though they may not have unanimity.

I am old enough to remember cigarette companies saying smoking was not dangerous to one's health. I also remember, 10-20 executives lighting up in Congress to prove their point. For a company, the only thing important is their bottom line.

Scientists are also often accused of using "global warming" as a way to get money from the government. Neglecting the fact that the wealthiest corporation in history is Exxon-Mobile, quickly followed by others in oil. The "oil-is-OK" cash cow, would seem to be bigger then the "global-warming" cash cow. And, what other "research" cash cows does the government have?

Let's be serious, most scientists do not benefit from global warming research grants. But, the majority of scientists still find global warming a valid concern.

Users, and producers of gas should shoulder the immediate burden. Gas producers, like loggers, should be the ones primarily responsible for restoring the damage done to the environment. We should also have a "gas-tax." This would discourage gasoline use, and encourage (private and public) research into global warming.

-- D. L. (ANDY) ANDERSON, Richland

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