Richland bond: Yes

February 9, 2013 

The children of the Richland School District deserve the ability to get a great education, that ability was given to all of us as children, by the generations older than we. Therefore, we need to vote yes on the current school bond proposal that has been presented to the voters in Richland and West Richland.

All of us that are currently on the Richland School District School Bond Passage Committee, the PTAs, PTOs, teachers, staff and administrators have worked tirelessly -- and have been honored to do so -- on behalf of all the children of the Richland School District! We would also like to give a huge thanks to the business and labor partners, that have supported this bond passage effort!

Ladies and gentleman, the key to being able to have a chance in life is by being able to get a quality education! Give the children of our communities a chance. A yes vote on this bond speaks towards positivity and progress, and the continuance of having a great school district and community!

Lastly Happy Valentines Day everyone.

JOHN J. DAVID, Richland

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