Letter: Flap over bumper stickers childish on both parts

February 8, 2013 

When we listen to children argue, we often see a "symmetry." That is, each child is guilty of what they accuse the other of.

C. Flasch ("Scowled at for sticker," Letters Jan. 11) complains that liberals accuse conservatives of lying when they don't like what is said.

Of course, she does this while sporting a bumper-sticker accusing the "liberal" media of the same. The same freedom of speech that gives her "bumper-sticker" rights also gives a liberal the right to slam her hood, scowl at her or even say something (Flasch didn't directly say if the liberal even said anything).

For Flasch, Piers Morgan has free speech, but also should be deported out of the U.S. for what he said. Flasch complains of MSNBC's slant on the news, while liberals complain of FOX News for the same reason.

Flasch also says the liberal car had too many bumper-stickers and complains how they were placed.

This incident shows us what happens when an irresistible force (knee-jerk liberal) meets a immovable object (knee-jerk conservative).

Each accuses the other of lying, both act like children and a lot of whining occurs! (This time by a conservative.)

D. L. (ANDY) ANDERSON, Richland

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