Letter: Reader insulted by article on Republican National Committee meeting

February 8, 2013 

I usually vote Republican. I am a middle-aged white woman who makes a comfortable living being self-employed. I think gun control is a knee-jerk reaction to a truly horrific tragedy. I don't care if gays marry or if someone wants an abortion, because I believe we are the sum of our choices.

I was truly offended by the recent article on the front page of the Tri-City Herald that claimed my political party was in turmoil, confused about its future and disliked by a huge number of voters.

I was told that not only did I lose the presidential election, seats in Congress and support among women, blacks and Hispanics but also that my Republican politicians were intolerant, doctrinaire and incendiary.

I simply have a different opinion than the Democrats and obviously, the writer of this article. To call me names, to lump me in with a group described like this, is insulting, wrong and incendiary.


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