Pasco bond: Yes

February 6, 2013 

Whether you value that children learn to read the Bible, the Constitution or the comics, they first need to learn to read. Most often it is public schools providing that opportunity. Parents, grandparents and guardians are charged with supporting their children's education. One way is to register to vote, be well informed and vote for schools.

Pasco School District asks voters to agree to build three new schools for elementary-age children. State school construction matching dollars are only provided if bond issues pass. There is no "cheap" answer to overenrolled schools but right now is a promising time to build with low interest rates and while construction bidding is very competitive. The jobs created by these proposed school construction projects are needed and new schools will add greatly to our community assets.

We seriously need new industry in Pasco to help build our tax base. Other elected officials should encourage that to happen. A strong school system does help make our community more attractive to new business. It has already been part of what has attracted so many new residents to Pasco.

If you truly support children's learning opportunities you will return your "yes" ballot today.

MICHAEL A. MILLER, Pasco Citizens for Better Schools Committee Chair

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