Election letter: Approve Pasco bond

February 6, 2013 

If you think education is expensive, try ignorance. -- Derek Bok

Nobody likes to pay taxes. But the cost of letting the Pasco bond fail will be higher. Franklin County has a low tax base, and the only solution to that problem is economic growth. We need to attract businesses to Pasco, not repel them. The first thing I researched before my family moved to Pasco was our local school. Businesses considering Pasco as a possible location right now will see severely overcrowded schools. On Feb. 12 voters can demonstrate that this is a community that strives to fix the problem and stands squarely behind its schools.

The cost to operate schools under the MTYR (multi-track year-round) or double shifting will be high, and the costs are all operational. The bond will pay for construction of three new schools. This taxpayer would rather see a tangible asset for my investment.

The last school bond failed, but the jail bond passed. That is just so wrong! Education is opportunity: Kids involved with school and school activities are less likely to need jail later on.

This is an investment in our kids as well as our city's future. Please vote yes for Pasco schools.


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