Letter: Don't trust government that acts in haste

February 6, 2013 

I have been thinking about this president. His party is on a runaway freight train to transform our country by monopolizing the media with continual catastrophes. He is some kind of a media junkie. It is like propaganda.

Does he know this is a republic that has three branches set up so that changes are slow and messy.

We don't need someone, anyone, to legislate in the media. It's how the Constitution is hardwired. Sorry it's slow. This separation of powers is created to give legislators time to think.

This rush to rid as many guns as possible "for the kids" is similar to taxing the rich more "for the poor," and "pass this bill so we can find out what is in it." These hurry-up bills all have a certain ring.

I remember in the movie Cool Hand Luke, when Luke tells the sheriff, "to stop being so good to me." All this legislation to "help the people" and "for our own good" is very suspicious.

That is what is causing so much hysteria about gun control. Obviously people, Democrats included, are suspicious of this hasty government doing so many things for our own good.


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