Letter: Make soldier accused in Fort Hood massacre follow military regulation

February 6, 2013 

The Army was ready to court martial a noncommissioned officer for murder in Afghanistan in a short period of time, while letting the Fort Hood murderer slide yet again. Sgt. Robert Bales' actions could be looked on as getting them before they get us, given the number of murders carried out by our "allies."

By the way, has Afghan President Hamid Karsai ever apologized for those murders? President Obama was quick to apologize for the deaths of the Afghans.

The Fort Hood murderer has been noncompliant with orders to shave -- knowing full well that beards are not permitted in the military of which he is still a member, stating it's part of his religion. He's also been a member of the Army long enough to know that that just doesn't fly. Other members of the military aren't allowed to do anything outside of regulations to denote their faith -- he doesn't get to either. He is not special at all.

As a former member of the Navy, I think the uniforms are just fine the way they are, and no alterations are needed, especially the headscarves that Muslims want to mess up the very neat look with. No to changing the uniform.


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