By the Tri-City HeraldFebruary 5, 2013 

U. S. Bankruptcy Court, Spokane


Rosetta Ann Davis, 721 Estrella St., Walla Walla; debts $20,283; assets $140,327.

James Ivan McCowan and Ruth E. McCowan, 50 Compton Lane, Richland; debts $31,955; assets $14,625.

Aaron M. Kisman and Julie A. Kisman, 7803 W. Duschetes Ave., Kennewick; debts $61,782; assets $18,954.

Andrew T. Webster, 1935 Pike Ave., Richland and Kendal R. Webster, 1425 Perkins Ave., Richland; debts $113,560; assets $113,415.

Susan Kelly, 3030 W. 4th Ave., Kennewick; debts $4,667; assets $700.

Gina Danyel Meier, 460 N. Arthur, Kennewick; debts $238,021; assets $270,814.

Kirstina D. Sanchez, 4213 W. Brown Place, Pasco; debts $160,362; assets $167,046.

Cory W. Branstetter, 1440 University St., Walla Walla; debts $32,035; assets $930.


Deborah Severin, 7911 Salmon Drive, Pasco; debts $222,322; assets $171,724.

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