Letter: Paving 38th Avenue boon to West Richland, Benton County

February 5, 2013 

I would like to thank the Benton County Commissioners for taking a good look at County Road Improvement District 23, which requires less than 97 local homeowners to pay for the paving of 38th Avenue in West Richland.

The benefits to the city of West Richland will far outweigh the benefits and costs to homeowners in the improvement district. Fewer than 20 homes front 38th Avenue.

The newly paved 38th Avenue will be an arterial street that will be used by not only local West Richland residents but also by other residents looking to cut through to the Bombing Range sports complex. This road has already been used as an alternative route some years ago, when Bombing Range Road was under construction.

I would like to propose that the county finishes 38th Avenue all the way from the north to the south and connect to the Lakes area. The Lakes area has only one main arterial to Bombing Range Road and 38th Avenue could give them another. This finished street would likely connect to back to Mount Adams View, where a traffic light would be nice.

TERRI MARS, West Richland

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