Election letter: Pasco bond: Yes

February 5, 2013 

It is a model of true leadership that the Pasco School Board, school administrators and the facilities committee -- a cross section of citizens, parents and staff -- carefully researched, studied, surveyed and reported findings that resulted in the thoughtful and judicious recommendation to our community to build three new schools.

It is a sign of good economic judgment and leadership that the Greater Pasco Chamber of Commerce, the Pasco City Council, the carpenters, pipe fitters and teachers unions have enthusiastically endorsed the Feb. 12 Pasco schools construction bond issue. They recognize that good schools build good communities. Wise business and community leaders do not want to live with the consequences that plague communities who intentionally try to "stack students deep and teach them cheap."

Public schools are where no child is turned away and every effort is made to teach, inspire, love and protect them to the best of our ability; too often under challenging circumstances. Voting "yes" is our best first step to solving incredible overcrowding experienced every day in most Pasco schools.

It is with strong character and personal commitment that you vote yes for this badly needed bond issue. See details at www.psd1.org. Please return your ballot today.


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