Election letter: Pasco bond: Yes

February 5, 2013 

"We hold these truths to be self-evident. ..." So begins the enumeration of self-evident truths in our Declaration of Independence. Another self-evident truth worth considering: "our children are the future of our nation."

Let's commit ourselves to an effective and efficient educational system in which to prepare those future leaders of our wonderful, albeit imperfect, representative republic.

Achieving the educational system we want in Pasco takes more than just money. But the present need for more classrooms space is undeniable.

Therefore, I support the Pasco school bond measure and urge you to consider doing the same. However, please don't stop there.

Also consider asking our school board and administrators to make the most of the resources we already provide. Ask them to reduce administrative costs and either cut taxes or move the savings to teacher training and classroom needs.

Any suggestion that we can't have quality education without expensive schools and costly administrative overhead fails in view of what Delta High, charter schools and private schools have accomplished.

The common denominators appear to be excellent teachers and responsible fiscal management.

Let's get involved in preparing those who will inherit our nation. The future of our Republic may well hang in the balance.


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