Election letter: Pasco bond: Yes

February 4, 2013 

I will vote in favor of the bond. Here's why.

The district has done it right. For the past two (plus) years they have done the due diligence necessary to make informed decisions. There are many examples of overcrowded schools around the country to study. The district administration formed planning committees of smart citizens to gather that information and come to evidence-based conclusions. These are trusted. Tax-paying friends and neighbors of ours. They care for the kids, and want the right learning environment for them.

Feedback was gathered through written surveys and public forums. The proposed solution has been responsive to the wishes of the parents. The overwhelming response from the community is that it does not want split sessions, crowded classrooms, extended year-round schedules, etc., as solutions. Unfortunately, if this bond issue does not pass an undesirable alternative likely will happen.

The state auditor's office has recommended the PSD to other districts as a model for low administrative and construction costs. PSD has received the highest priority for state matching funds.

I am reassured.


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