Election letter: Do some research

February 4, 2013 

I am a supporter of the bond especially because I want good, safe, neighborhood schools that aren't over-crowded or dilapidated. It is frustrating to hear such negativity toward the bond from so many Richland voters who are ignorant to the issues being addressed. They look at the total cost of the bond and in their eyes think that they will be paying most of it themselves.

The bond is large because of the need in our district and because of the unfortunate decision by the board in 2003 to promise not to have another bond for 10 years. Since then a lot of growth has happened and old schools have gotten 10 years older!

Before judging a large bond by its monetary value, please look at the issues that will be fixed and also exactly how much it is going to cost you. This information is available on www.richlandschools.com.

Bottom line: Get informed for yourself! (Not just from your pessimistic neighbor or coworker who doesn't have his or her facts straight -- and may not care to do so.)

Judge what is the right thing to do. Then vote.


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