Election letter: Richland bond: Yes

February 4, 2013 

On Feb. 12, the patrons of the Richland School District have an important decision to make. Three of our elementary buildings are 42 years old, elementary and middle school populations continue to rise, and the HVAC system at Chief Joseph must be replaced. The question is, will we address these challenges now, or will we wait until a later date when the cost will surely be much higher?

In Moses Lake, where I currently work as a building administrator, the voters rejected a bond to build a new high school, two new elementary schools, and address overcrowding at the middle school level. As a result, we are currently working with the community to address overcrowding.

Public forums have been heated and contentious at times, because there are no easy solutions when trying to figure out how to house an ever-increasing student population using current facilities.

By supporting this bond, we can address our challenges now and guarantee safe and healthy environments for our children.

The district has used our money wisely in the past, and the board has listened to community concerns related to Jefferson Elementary.

Please join me in voting yes before Feb. 12.


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