Election letter: Pasco bond: Yes

February 4, 2013 

I have sat down many times trying to find the right words to urge a "yes" vote for the Pasco School District bond. There are many statistics available regarding the overcrowding our children are facing at school. Just reading something though doesn't seem enough, experiencing it would be better. I encourage any of you who are unsure of how to vote, to go out and visit the schools. Especially during assemblies and lunch time, where lunch is served in multiple shifts -- even then is not sufficient to accommodate all students. I think it is important to actually see firsthand how extremely crowded the buildings are.

I am so thankful that the staff at my daughter's schools are keeping a positive and caring attitude under some challenging times. I know people are wary of more taxes, but this is one that we cannot turn our back on. Our children deserve the right to have the best education and environments we can offer.

Thank you for your consideration.


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