Letter: Infringing on Second Amendment rights tantamount to tyranny

February 4, 2013 

Be it known that "we, the people" are sovereign, and anyone who would attempt in any way to "infringe" upon our Second Amendment rights, guaranteed by the Constitution, shall be deemed as a tyrant.

I strongly suggest that these anti-gun proponents confer with Mr. Webster on the definition of the word "infringe" in the Second Amendment. That definition leaves the choice of weapon -- be it military style or not -- and any caliber of ammunition (or multiplicity of ammo or magazine capacity -- even if it be 100 rounds, as "we the people's" choice.

Further, be it acknowledged that the Second Amendment of our Constitution is not a document to allow us to go hunting, but as a deterrent to tyrants and tyrannical tendencies on the part of our public servants, whether it is the president of these United States or our local police.

It is evident that our public officials cannot manage our local, state and federal government and have turned to agitate, aggravate, grieve and molest the very people who put them in office and to desecrate the Constitution that they took a public oath to uphold and honor. "We, the people" hold them to this very task.


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