Richland, Hanford teens fare well at drama festival

BY THE TRI-CITY HERALDFebruary 3, 2013 

Richland and Hanford high schools walked away from the Eastern Washington Thespian Drama Festival with several wins in various categories.

The festival was Jan. 19 at Lewis and Clark High School in Spokane. Students competed with hundreds of other high school drama students from Eastern Washington schools. Richland High's drama teacher is Ellicia Elliott, and Hanford High's drama teacher is Matt Leggett.

Richland winners included: senior Christina Becker for monologue; junior Nicole Clements for monologue; senior Ethan Dodd for duets; junior Rachel Firen Hodges for duets; junior Emily Mosset for monologue; sophomore Emily Obermeyer for monologue; sophomore Kailey Thomsen for musical solo.

Hanford winners included: Sophomore Olivia Coppock for monologues; junior Kelley Smith for monologues and group scenes; junior Tyler Zirker for duets, junior Camren Bleiler for duets; junior Samantha Fenton for Shakespeare; senior Ali Baker for Shakespeare; senior Jordan Rawlings for Shakespeare; senior Bailey LePage for Shakespeare and monologues; sophomore Katie Evans for group scenes; sophomore Jillian Roller for group scenes; junior Natasha Mosley for monologues and duets; junior Emily Doughty for duets; junior Alina Krull for group scenes; sophomore Abigayle for group scenes; junior Tim Torie for group scenes; junior Clive LePage for duets; junior Kelsey Wenrich for duets.

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