Fast Focus 'What are your thoughts on women in combat?' Women are capable

February 3, 2013 

How do I, as a woman, feel about allowing women to serve in front line combat? If you've seen the movie A Few Good Men, you may remember the line about the problem is not with the women who serve in the front lines, it's the men who serve with them. They believe that men would instinctively try to protect the women in the unit by putting themselves in harm's way more often. They believe the men would not have their minds on the mission. I think they're wrong!

I don't think the military believes that women are not capable of serving in front-line combat. Women already serve in forward areas as helicopter pilots, supply truck drivers and many other jobs in combat zones. Naturally, we are not as physically strong as a man, but we are certainly capable of handling the duress of combat, flying bullets and all.

The whole problem is just attitude. No one wants to see a mother come home in a body bag. It happens; it's tragic. But so is every mother's son who comes home the same way.

Women should be given the opportunity to serve in combat if they are suited: mentally strong, physically capable, accept the risks and request the duty.


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