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February 3, 2013 

Women in combat? Can't wait! Everyone knows women are just the same as men. (Actually, we are better and we want control so we can prove a matriarchal society is better.) Now that we have 50 percent of school sports money, 50 percent of medical school slots, and the ability to remove men by anonymously accusing them of sexual misconduct, now is the time not only for women in combat, but women in professional sports. Imagine the Super Bowl with 50 percent women! Now we are talking. In Sweden, 50 percent of the legislators must be women. Now we are talking!

Yes, women in combat. I can't wait!


Physical strength

I can see where, for promotion purposes, some women would want to be able to advance their careers by serving in front-line units. However, it seems to me that the vast majority of them will regret making that decision after actual combat.

Also, strength and other standards should not be changed to specifically allow this. Soldiers carry what they do to survive. Carrying less reduces the ability for the group to survive. I can't see too many women wanting, or being able, to carry 80-pound battle-gear packages.

But, at any rate, best of luck to them, and God bless them all.


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