Fast Focus 'What are your thoughts on women in combat?' Double-edge sword

February 3, 2013 

I believe there are many women who can serve in combat better than men in their place. However, not as many as the men I served with. My issue with women in the fox hole is more against men, than women. It is the best part of human nature that causes men to be protective of women. Many women don't need that. However, many more do. Worse yet, if we take that away, what will it do to men's attitude toward women here at home?

If women serve on the battlefield in war, too many men will worry far too much for the woman next to them, and not cover their own area of fire. This will prove a disaster for our combat troops.

The worse thing, however, is the cold attitude men will adopt toward women. We will grow callous and uncivilized. In Israel, where women fight, the people are held together by religious laws. We do not have those laws anymore. Woman at home will be violated. Human nature will give men an attitude of survival of the fittest. Women and our society will be the losers here.

-- PATRICK O'BRIEN, Richland

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