Letter: Media should focus on reason debt ceiling needs lifting

February 2, 2013 

Time will tell if the media will again let President Obama get away with misleading the public.

During a recent press conference, the president framed the debt ceiling increase as not being caused by a spending problem but rather a mere formality to ensure we pay our bills.

This was demonstrated when the president said, "The issue here is whether Washington will pay its bills."

It will be a shame if the media lets the president get away with this absurd and irresponsible spin. The media should bring to the attention of the president and the less-informed population that the only reason a nation goes into debt is because it is spending more than it has.

When will the media come to the aid of this nation and demand this administration submit an annual budget with a recovery plan to get us to a balanced budget?

If we do not get our spending under control soon, the resulting obvious consequences will become the nation's No. 1 problem for many future generations to resolve. If the media allows this spin, perhaps we need Congress to pass a law requiring all media members to have basic finance training.

GARRY AMIDAN, West Richland

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