Letter: Background checks could prevent needless injuries

February 2, 2013 

I believe a successful background check should be mandated for all store, show and private party purchases.

Whoa, whoa now hold on conservatives. I'm not talking about guns, magazines or ammo. I'm talking about "pit bulls."

Shawna Moberg, her dog, Moose, her friend Mark Gidley and two responding sheriff's deputies were viciously attack by two huge free roaming "pit bulls" (Herald, Jan. 1). Shawna was hospitalized for treatment of her wounds. Moose's leg was broken in two places. Mark, a 350-pound man, was taken down by a bite to his calf. Then deputies arrived and fended off attacks by shooting both "pit bulls."

Ever heard of "pit bull" attacks like this before? You bet. They have occurred across the country. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals tries to calm the controversy by saying many breeds are often mistaken for "pit bulls." As Shawna recovers from her wounds, I doubt if she cares which specific "pit bull" breed inflicted them.

Stringent regulations should be imposed on "pit bull" ownership that ensure protection of the public while also providing humane secure captivity for the dog.


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