Letter: Let's hear sheriff's opinion on stricter gun control

February 2, 2013 

I'm hoping that by sending this letter to a public forum, we can get a public response.

Would the Benton County Sheriff's Office care to make a public declaration of its position on gun control?

Would it take a stand against an unconstitutional move that directly removes our rights. Other sheriffs around the country (including Jackson County (Kentucky) Sheriff Denny Peyman, former Graham County (Arizona) Sheriff Richard Mack, and Linn County (Oregon) Sheriff Tim Mueller) have done so.

Or would our sheriff's office uphold the new law, if it came to total gun registration or even a confiscation? Or some other option?

I do not ask with any ill intent, but the sheriff and local police force are significant factors in determining where one chooses to live. I and many others see excessive gun control as a way for the government to take more power for itself while simultaneously robbing the citizens of the power they once had.

An adequate response will be clear, with a distinct intention and no ambiguous politi-speak, enabling the office to hide behind double-meanings and misinterpretations.

I would like the official response to be public and the sheriff's office held accountable for it, so that the people can know.


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