Letter: Don't let NRA dictate America's gun control policy

February 1, 2013 

I write this letter in support of President Obama's historic plan to rein in gun violence with community support.

The president's plan is well deliberated and solid in logic and common sense. After the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the whole country is behind these actions: Democrats Republicans and Independents.

I request our veteran congressman Doc Hastings to support gun control legislation.

Because today, only the gun industry (and its lobbying arm, the National Rifle Association) is against stricter gun control for selfish reasons -- to protect profits.

An estimated 8 million assault-style rifles are in this country more than twice the number of police officers (800,000) and military (3 million active duty and reserves) put together.

Americans account for 5 percent of the world's population and 300 million guns (50 percent of the world's 600 million guns). That's enough to arm every American, young or old.

No mathematical wizardry is needed to understand why gun violence is high.

The NRA, an old and reputable organization, has been captured by the gun industry as a strategy to expand the market. The safety or security of people, nor even Second Amendment rights, are on its agenda. Just more gun sales and profits.

Thus we don't want the NRA to dictate our gun control policy.


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