Letter: Balance approach needed to reduce gun violence

February 1, 2013 

Feb. 14 marks the 84th anniversary of the Valentine's Day massacre. The death of the seven gangsters put the nation on an intense campaign to bring down Al Capone. Shouldn't the death of more cherubs promote as much action by the country, but the answers are complicated, which requires a balanced approach to solve the problem

The Second Amendment remains important to the National Rifle Association and many others. How about the NRA policing its own? The American Medical Association polices physicians as the means to protect the community and help prevent government intervention.

The most important solution also comes from the health care arena. The mentally ill are more likely to experience violence than commit violence, but guns are one of the most successful means of committing suicide. The few who choose violence toward others or themselves might have not gotten to that point with better mental health care.

Do not blame the mentally ill, but find a solution. Remember back to the Valentine Day Massacre, and remember Al Capone was taken down by tax law instead of criminal prosecution. Nations need to find a balanced answer.


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