Letter: Richland bond -- Yes

January 30, 2013 

The Richland school bond is coming up soon, I urge everyone to vote yes and support the education of the Richland students.

It is clearly shown that Richland's schools are becoming overcrowded, especially since the housing is rapidly increasing. Having crowded classrooms can be very inefficient and prohibit students' learning. In many of my classes the teachers' help has already been taken over by my classmates, with the amount of students rapidly increasing there will not be enough time for additional students who need to be assisted.

The bond will also be covering the replacement of Lewis and Clark Elementary School which is 42 years old and well worn. They have open classrooms, which can be distracting for students in the next classroom over who are trying to concentrate on a test. My sister goes to Lewis and Clark Elementary and I am greatly concerned about this and other issues for her learning and the learning of others.


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