Letter: Advice for future wars -- shoot the goat, take the money

January 30, 2013 

We go to war with various countries as they supposedly become an enemy. First we feed them, and even then we keep on sending food. So I say, "shoot the goat" (food) if we truly are at war.

Since most of the money from all countries is stored in New York City banks, why don't we just take the money? If the country we are at war with has no money, it cannot buy any bullets. Take the money and there are no bullets and thus no firearms.

But we are not supposed to win any war, so taking the money is not in the plan. Iraq was just a place to park 150,000 troops to give them something to do. Then after eight years and about $9 billion, send them off to Afghanistan. Now, we are retreating there and looking for another war to get into.

When the public gets mad, what does the news media do? It advertises school children being shot and sends that news around the world. And, by the way, keep covering it, so it is always in the news.

Then lawmakers pass legislation to make it very hard to buy guns. And they think that is going to stop the public from getting guns. Good luck.

HANK HASSAN, West Richland

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