Letter: Fox News hosts stood up for Marine imprisoned in Mexico

January 29, 2013 

I take issue with a letter from Gary F. Boothe regarding Fox News. I defend the work of the show's hosts and disagree with his unwarranted remarks.

Fox News was the only media outlet that went to the wall to bring home a gallant Marine who was treated with disdain and chained to a bed for most of the time he was imprisoned.

Where was our president, CNN, ABC, CBS, CNBC, as well as the print media (and that includes the Tri-City Herald), in his defense? The main advocate in this was Bill O'Reilly, who took the leadership to bring him home. Bill is fair and balanced. Sean Hannity is also a true patriot who may be pretty harsh, but is pretty much right on and loves his country. Also in the Fox program, Greta Van Susteren is fair and very open-minded.

I think the day Boothe chose to watch Fox news, his eyes were open, but his ears were shut.

I regret I cannot have more space to respond to his biased left-wing love affair.

AUBREY C. SASSLIN, West Richland

Editor's note: The Tri-City Herald published several stories produced by our sister paper, the Miami Herald, detailing the plight of former Marine Lance Cpl. Jon Hammar who was imprisoned for carrying a six-decade-old shotgun into Mexico.

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