Victims in Union Gap knife attack out of hospital

January 28, 2013 

— A woman whose throat was cut in a vicious attack Sunday has been released from the hospital, as was her boyfriend, who also was injured in the attack.

Greg Cobb, Union Gap’s interim police chief, said today the 31-year-old woman and her boyfriend, also 31, were released today. The woman had undergone surgery for a slashing wound described as ear-to-ear.

“From what I understand the blade missed the vital parts by just a few millimeters,” Cobb said.

The alleged attacker, described by police as the boyfriend’s 35-year-old brother, is set to make his first appearance in the case this afternoon in Yakima County Superior Court.

Police said the suspect attacked the woman Sunday morning at the home in the 2100 block of South Fourth Avenue. All three were roommates.

The motive for the attack remains unclear. According to the probable-cause affidavit, the suspect told an officer he cut the woman’s throat and then stabbed and slashed his brother when his brother tried to intervene.

“He didn’t know why he did it,” the officer reported, adding the suspect said he “just snapped.”

According to court records, the suspect has a lengthy misdemeanor criminal record that includes several arrests and convictions for domestic violence and possession of drug paraphernalia as well as obstruction and negligent driving.

His name is being withheld by the Yakima Herald-Republic because he has not been charged yet. Prosecutors have until Wednesday to file charges or release the suspect from jail.

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