Letter: Taking guns away from people won't solve America's problems

January 28, 2013 

Do guns kill? People kill! Mentally ill people or demonic people buy guns on the black market or steal guns to kill. Take our guns away? Those who buy on the black market will continue to do so. Those who steal will continue to do so.

Taking guns away from the American people will not solve the problem. Our government has taken God out of our schools. How can our government expect our children to grow up as responsible citizens when our country has adopted the "anything goes, don't tell our children they are wrong when they do wrong because it might hurt their feelings."

The people who think they can do no wrong, and have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or other mental issues, use the diagnoses as a crutch instead facing the fact they have a problem and learn to rise above it. What has America done to our children?

BONITA TODD, Benton City

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