Hermiston rolls to Reser's crown

TRI-CITY HERALDJanuary 27, 2013 

Behind championships from Tyler Berger, Abraham Rodriguez and Sam Shields-Colbray, the Hermiston Bulldogs rolled to the team title Saturday at the prestigious Reser's Tournament of Champions at Liberty High School in Hillsborro.

The tournament that pits the best of the best in Oregon was all Hermiston, which piled up 221 points to finish 72.5 points head of second-place Crook County and unseated four-time defending champ Roseburg, which finished fifth.

Berger dominated the 138-pound bracket for his third Reser's title, winning each match by pin or technical fall. He pinned Douglas' Vagif Afrasov in 3 minutes, 17 seconds in the final.

Rodriguez won his final at 160 in convincing fashion with a 10-0 major decision over Douglas' Elijah Taylor. Meanwhile, Shields-Colbray claimed the title at 195, winning after Douglas' Ihoghama Odighizuwa injured his knee in the second round. Odighizuwa came into the tournament at 39-0 but was seeded second to Shields-Colbray, a nationally ranked freshman.

A fourth Hermiston wrestler, Beau Gleed, finished second at 132 after losing 7-1 to Colton Schilling of Sweet Home.

Hermiston had five other placers: Andy Wagner finished fifth at 103, AJ Garcia fifth at 113, Wyatt Scribner third at 120, Caleb Batease was third or fourth at 220 and Jake Batease placed at 285. Complete results were not available Saturday night.

The Bulldogs' finish was made more impressive by the loss of 120-pound favorite Isaac Aguilar, one of about 20 wrestlers who pulled out of the first day with the flu.

Irrigon Invite: Hanford got in one last tune-up before the postseason, cleaning house to take team honors by more than double the second-place team.

The Falcons scored 241 points, with titles from Blake Llarenas (113 pounds), Makdeep Shergill (120), Brennan Rains (138), Jeff Anheier (160/170) and Dallon Grinder (220/285).

Anheier defeated teammate Seth Gifford 3-0 in his title match. Also, Dylan Covert was a runner-up at 106, as were David Zhai (145) and Zach Dodson (182/195).

Pasco's Moises Meva finished second at 120.

At Irrigon

Team scores--Hanford 241, Enterprise 120, Irrigon, Heppner, Pasco, Joseph, Union, Elgin. 106--Lars Skovlin (Ent) p. Dylan Covert (Han) 1:05. 113--Blake Llarenas (Han) d. Daniel Colton (Un) 2-0. 120--Makdeep Shergill (Han) m.d. Moises Neva (Pas) 11-1. 126/132--Jared Lemmon (Hep) d. Alex Smith (Hep) 7-3; Ben Hoffner (Han) p. Skuyler Killian (Pas) 3:16. 138--Brennan Rains (Han) m.d. Daniel Parker (Jos) 15-5. 145--Kyle Roepke (Ent) d. David Zhai (Han) 9-5. 152--Andy Aguilera (Irr) p. Earl Prophester (Hep); Michael Parkman (Han) t.f. Alex Segastegui (Pas) 17-2. 160/170--Jeff Anheier (Han) d. Seth Gifford (Han) 3-0. 182/195--Mathew Staigle (Ent) p. Zach Dodson (Han) 1:20; fourth: Jacob Hart (Pas). 220/285--Dallon Grinder (Han) p. Wyatt Warmock (Jos) 1:03; Jeff Weyand (Han) p. Zach Shaw (Han).

Eastern Wash. 3A sub-regional JV qualifier

At Kennewick

Top 3 qualify for sub-regional Feb. 1-2 at University High in Spokane

106--Jesse Torres (Sun) p. Derek Gunter (Kam) 5:19; Christian Hightower (SR). 113--Jacob Mendoza (Sun); Brice Julian (Ken); Brendon Hutteball (Han). 120--Eli Romero (SR) d. Victor Tiscareno (Ken) 9-7. 126--Jacob Lawson (Kam) d. Sylverster Rodriguez (Sun) 3-2; Nelson Cartagena (Ken). 132--Cooper Gaylord (Han) p. Jonard Penaflor (Kam) 1:11; no third. 138--Omar Sanchez (Sun); Andrew Stayrook (SR); Ezmond Fox (Han). 145--Isaiah Guerrero (Sun); Devin Hutteball (Han); Servando Renteria (SR). 152--Michael Etherton (Ken) d. Cody Brooks (Han) 12-6; Javier Mendoza (Sun). 160--Austin Dreyer (Han); Eric Silva (Sun); Bryce Nelson (SR). 170--Daryn Harris (SR) p. Clayton Porcaro (Han) 5:27; Moises Mercado (Ken). 182--Sean Weiher (SR) d. Jose Pacheco (Sun); no third. 195--Marcus French-Surita (SR); Gerardo Lopez (Sun); Clayton Stephenson (Han). 220--Mario Prado (Sun) p. Noah Ellis (Han); no third. 285--Ben Stoker (Han); Xavier Cortez (Sun); Bradley Ornelas (Ken).

MCC/Big Nine sub-regional seeding

106--Homer Romero (Sun); Tyler Almaguer (Kam); Jesse Torres (Sun); Christian Hightower (SR); Carlos Hernandez (Ken); Derek Gunter (Kam); Manny Casillas (SR); Dylan Covert (Han). 113--Jesse Barajas (Sun); Cesar Castillo (Kam); Alex Ramos (Ken); Jacob Mendoza (Sun); Blake Llarenas (Han); Brendon Hutteball (Han); Brice Julian (Ken); Cesar Flores (SR). 120--Santos Guerrero (Sun); Trenton Nett (SR); David Ramos (Ken); Eli Romero (SR); Makdeep Shergill (Han); Victor Tiscareno (Ken); Andres Torres (Sun); Caleb Brown (Han). 126--Anthony Chavez (Sun); Michael Hosfield (Ken); Ben Hoffner (Han); Damien Gooldy (Kam); Luis Solano (SR); Jacob Lawson (Kam); Sylverster Rodriguez (Sun); Nelson Cartagena (Ken).

132--Harley Kolp (Kam); Daniel Guillen (Sun); Gordon Gavric (Han); Danny Navarro (SR); Cooper Gaylord (Han); Jonard Penaflor (Kam); no 7th or 8th seeds. 138--Brennan Rains (Han); Christian Ruiz (Sun); Lydon Reams (SR); Ty Smith (Ken); Omar Sanchez (Sun); Ezmond Fox (Han); Zach Prince (Kam); Andrew Stayrook (SR). 145--Noe Palomino (Sun); Jeremy Nelson (SR); David Zhai (han); Isaiah Guerrero (Sun); Emanuel Garcia (Ken); Devin Hutteball (Han); Roman Montalvo (Kam); Servando Renteria (SR). 152--Sam Romero (Sun); Michael Parkman (Han); Anthony Jones (Ken); Michael Etherton (Ken); Sam Borisch (Kam); Cody Brooks (Han); Garrett Gifford (SR); Javier Mendoza (Sun).

160--Kory Miller (SR); Ramon Hernandez (Sun); Colton DeLeon (Kam); Jeff Anheier (Han); Austin Dreyer (Han); Eric Silva (Sun); Bryce Nelson (SR). 170--Sisto Santana Pina (Kam); Andrew Collins (SR); Max Ramos (Sun); Seth Gifford (Han); Daryn Harris (SR); Clayton Porcaro (Han); Moises Mercado (Ken); Brendon Wood (Sun). 182--Will Bishop (Han); Daniel Avalos (Sun); Bryce Overholt (SR); Sean Weiher (SR); Jose Pacheco (Sun); Hugo Cartagena (Ken); no 7th or 8th seed.

195--Kevin Del-Angel (SR); Todd Pink (Ken); Isaac Palomino (Sun); Zach Dodson (Han); Marcus French-Surita (SR); Gerardo Lopez (Sun); Clayton Stephenson (Han); no 8th seed. 220--Austin Carman (Sun); Dallon Grinder (Han); Luke Davidson (SR); Gerardo Rodriguez (Ken); Nick Little (Kam); Mario Prado (Sun); Noah Ellis (Han); no 8th seed. 285--Jeff Weyand (Han); Robby Calvert (Ken); Pedro Cardenas (Sun); Ben Stoker (Han); Ben Sullivan (Kam); Xavier Cortez (Sun); Bradley Ornelas (Ken); no 8th seed.

4A District 5 tournament, Feb. 2, Walla Walla

106--Second round: Eli Sikes (Chi)-Victor Ramirez (Pas); Ezra Cazier (Chi)-Bobby Guzman (Pas). 113--Chris Montelongo (Chi)-Dusitn Ralston (Rich); Joey Camacho (WW)-Patrick Torres (Pas); Jose Albarran (WW)-Luis Ochoa (Pas); Mason Mills (Rich)-Bryce Buckley (Chi). 120--Timmy Martinez (Pas)-Benedicto Salcedo (WW); Corey Salinas (Chi)-Alex Webb (Rich); Noe Gonzalez (WW)-Moises Nava (Pas); Mitch Bieber (Rich)-Pedro Murillo (Chi). 126--Brandon Gonzalez (Pas)-Joey Chappel (WW); Fernando Cardoso (Chi)-Justin Webb (Rich); Jacob Garcia (Chi)-Xavior Tobias (Pas); Anthony Lovato (Rich)-Wil Babbit (WW).

132--Laiten Schroeder (Chi)-Kyle Tucker (Rich); Martin Barrera (WW)-Jake Covington (Pas); Joel Murillo (Chi)-Skyler Killian (Pas); Justin Evans (WW)-Noah Workman (Rich). 138--Pryce Seely (Rich)-Evan Frank (WW); Abraham Ledezma (Chi)-Tristan Killian (Pas); Groover Snell (WW)-Chance Erwin (Rich); Anthony Sagastegi (Pas)-Jadin Salazar (Chi). 145--Clayton Smith (Chi)-Alexander Lybbert (WW); Luis Velazco (Pas)-Mathew Montelius (Rich); Masen Brown (Chi)-Logan Hope (WW); Logan Perdue (Pas)-Kody Mars (Rich). 152--Jackson Fromm (Pas)-Nigel Lugo (WW); Kevin Garza (Rich)-Austin Urlacher (Chi); Zachary Anderson (WW)-Dima Kiemnew (Rich); Alex Sagastegi (Pas)-Boss Garcia (Chi).

160--Skyler Mitchell (Rich)-Zachary Gilvey (WW); Noah Perez (Pas)-Tyler Vargas (Chi); Anthony Burrows (Pas)-Amman Juhasz (WW); Edwin Gastelum (Rich)-Blake Bishop (Chi). 170--Cameron Simpson (Rich)-Aidan Boede (WW); Mason Leidel (Pas)-Nate Murillo (Chi); Ryker Mackey (Rich)-Gerardo Gomez (WW); Sergey Simak (Pas)-Chad White (Chi). 182--Austin Silvers (Chi)-Benjamin Thompson (WW); Forrest Howard (Rich)-James Debosz (Pas); Tyson Childs (Rich)-Clayton Johnson (Chi); Jacob Hart (Pas)-Zane Henderson (WW).

195--Cody O'Toole (Rich)-Misael Estrada (Pas); Aaron Campos (WW)-Jordan Vaughn (Chi); Luis Contreras (WW)-Jonathon Sandoval (Pas); Bernardo Castillo (Chi)-bye. 220--Logan Reardon (WW) bye; Awestyn Shover (Pas)-Levi McBride (Chi); Roman Cortez (Pas)-Geovanni Soto (Rich); Abzael Loeza (Chi) bye. 285--Martin Villanueva (Chi) bye; Nicholas Workman (Rich)-Kurt Blackman (WW); Antonio Cruz (Chi) bye; Quinn Piver (WW) bye.

Note: Weights are not final until weigh-in day of tournament

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