Fast Focus 'How should the state finance good roads?' Lower gas prices

January 27, 2013 

I think the answer is to get gas prices back down so people can afford to buy as many gallons of gas as before all of these increases occurred. The way to do that is to open up the use of natural resources in our country and to get the president and his gophers off their backsides and get the Keystone pipeline in operation as well as the many other opportunities we have to get away from Middle Eastern oil.

Another possibility is to put in some toll road charges, especially on the west side of the state where there is heavy traffic making toll fees worthwhile. And then use part of the toll fees for roads.

I am so tired of hearing about all the tax increases that are occurring and will occur. And listening to people like Nancy Pelosi saying, "We have not yet begun to tax." You could save a lot of gas if you-know-who didn't find it incumbent upon himself to fly, not once but twice, from Washington, D.C., to Hawaii on just one of his many vacations. I assume the Obamas don't pay taxes on the gas they use.

-- M. SUBAILLAC, Richland

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