Letter: Accepting others may prevent future violent crimes

January 23, 2013 

The recent tragic event in Connecticut and others like it that have occurred in the last few years show us that individuals capable of committing such awful acts can be nearly impossible to pick out in our communities. They do not always fit stereotypes that we have about who could carry out these heinous acts. They may seem to us withdrawn or unusual, but we just can't visualize them doing horrible things.

Most of us know or have known at some point in our past individuals who are in this category: at work, school or our neighborhood. Now would be a good time for us to reflect on our behavior toward everybody. We should keep in mind that this is not about suspecting everyone, it is about community and a genuine concern and willingness to respect all.

We can all accept responsibility for this as co-workers, supervisors, teachers, classmates and neighbors. This may seem difficult at first for us, but we must realize that perhaps if we can be accepting of each and all, no matter how unusual they seem to us, then maybe we can recognize when individuals are in need before they resort to such tragically violent acts.

DAVID P. SISK, Richland

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