January 23, 2013 

There are 195 portable classrooms in the Pasco School District housing between 5,000-6,000 students. That is the equivalent of six elementary schools or four middle schools -- with Pasco's annual student growth equaling one elementary school each year. In fact, McLoughlin Middle School would qualify as a 4A high school, based on the student population. Make no mistake, it is not safe for so many students to be estranged from the main building. Do not forget the recent school violence.

There is a myth that renters do not pay property taxes and only "property owners" do. Renters pay for taxes that are figured into their rent. Moreover, the alternative of double-shifting or year-round school will split family time apart, make child care difficult and interrupt parental work schedules.

As a Pasco High graduate, I was taught to take care of my community and I was taught the importance of education in America. Your school community needs your vote for this school bond. Our larger Tri-Cities community needs well-educated, caring future citizens. As a member of the Kennewick Citizens Bond and Levy Committee, a former teachers' union president and a Pasco graduate, I urge you to vote YES!

JAN FRALEY, Kennewick

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