January 23, 2013 

"All men by nature desire Knowledge" -- Aristotle

Anyone who's experienced a windy day at New Horizons High School knows that some improvements need to be made. It doesn't take the threat of what seems to be an 80-year-old portable nearly crumbling due to wind to realize this.

Thirty-four cents per $1,000 increase of assessed value is nothing compared to the advantages that can be brought forth to Pasco School District by an $84.5 million bond.

Besides alleviating the threat of wind-caused facility destruction, this bond will help to solve Pasco School District's biggest issue: Overcrowding. Fifteen of 19 schools in Pasco School District are overenrolled due to an average increase of 600 students per year -- an 81 percent increase since 2000. We have overcrowded classrooms, cafeterias and offices that seriously impede our learning ability.

It comes down to a simple question: Is our education worth the increase in taxes? We say "yes" because improving education not only leads to more educated, and therefore more productive, citizens, it also provides something much greater. It brings a means to expand and express ourselves like only knowledge and education can. So please help us do this by voting yes for the PSD bond initiative.


New Horizons Communications class

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