January 23, 2013 

There's a very important bond vote fast approaching for the citizens of Pasco. Currently, the Pasco School District is grossly over populated. One example; the McGee School was built to care for 500 students; currently, it houses 920 students.

This bond would build two elementary schools; the capacity would be for 750 students and one Kinder Center for 725 children.

This bond will increase taxes 34 cents per $1,000 of assessed property value. If a person's home is worth $100,000 that means a tax increase of $34 per year. This is a minute amount for our children's future.

It's quite simple, if this bond does not pass the Pasco School District will be forced to have year-round school or double shifting -- most likely starting in 2014. Double shifting means children will be going to school at night. This would also be less cost effective for many reasons. Year-round schools or double shifting would create several problems in maintaining the schools we already have. This would significantly reduce their lifespan.

This bond is needed to stay even with the current growth of Pasco.


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