ELECTION LETTERS Richland bond: Yes

January 23, 2013 

I support the Richland School Bond! Since my arrival here in 2001, the population has grown and the need for more schools in south and west Richland is obvious.

As an engaged parent, I know the issues that are facing each school my children attended (Sacajawea, Chief Joseph Middle School and Hanford High School). I had not realized the population has grown so much that the new schools such as White Bluffs, Wiley and Badger Mountain, have burst at the seams. New families moving into these school zones must have their children transported to another school quite a distance away, because there is simply no room in their neighborhood school.

In addition to the overcrowding in south and west Richland, the central Richland schools need attention. My older son attended the old Hanford Middle School and High School, and now my youngest son is profiting from the last bond of 2003 and attending the "new" Hanford High School. Distractions like the heater/AC not working or water fountains that are not drinkable and classrooms that are falling apart during class, is an environment that no student should have to experience.


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